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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                     


The Business Concept


Tan Man Tanning Salon, LLC (Tan Man or the Company) is a company that will purchase an existing tanning spa and salon. The Company is purchasing Tropix Tanning Salon, a tanning and spa facility that has been in business for eleven years. The name will be changed to Tan Man Tanning Salon. The Company is located in Any City, XY.


The Company will offer state-of-the-art equipment and tanning services that are not currently available in this area. The existing salon includes 6 low pressure beds, and Tan Man will add 5 new upgradeable beds to the business.   These will include the latest tanning treatments and beds as well as unbeatable customer service.


The Company will provide excellent customer service with superior tanning results. The salon will be upscale with the latest in European tanning beds. It will offer its clientele an attractive, clean, safe and supportive personal tanning environment.  It will have the latest state-of-the-art tanning equipment in spacious, clean rooms. Within six months, the Company will evaluate expansion opportunities to add a high pressure tanning unit, UV free spray booth, or an all skin rejuvenating bed unit.


Customers of Tan Man Tanning Salon will find a spacious and comfortable tanning salon with the latest equipment. The Company will provide everything a person could want in a tanning salon with features such as:


Comfortable environment

The Company will provide customers with a welcoming and comfortable environment.


Friendly staff

The staff will be friendly and motivated to help each individual.  Most importantly, each staff member will receive training and become certified as tanning consultants.


Effective and Safe Equipment

The Company will offer its customers a selection of the latest tanning equipment and supplies. Customers can relax knowing that their tanning session will be safe and effective.


Tan Man’ location will be in a growing and bustling area. The Company will be located in a building that has a high vehicle traffic count passing by it. The Company’s location will also be situated close to smaller communities that have limited tanning salons. Tan Man Tanning Salon will provide the East side of Any City and surrounding areas with an upscale tanning salon that does not currently exist


Tan Man will take advantage of several factors to drive its growth. The trend in today’s world is for people to look ‘fit and trim’. Part of the ‘fit and trim’ look is a natural tanned complexion. Many people who utilize indoor tanning beds do so because they are aware of the growing medical research that has identified the important health benefits from tanning. Instead of just tanning for cosmetic reasons, clients are learning that reasonable and responsible moderate exposure to UV light helps stimulate vitamin D production and disease prevention.


The business to be purchased comes with a database of 4,878 customer names and addresses. All of these names will be mailed a card to inform them of the new changes and to offer a comeback special.


Tan Man expects to gain a profitable market share within a very short period of time. Determinations have been made for the size of the market, amounts of budgeted advertising and promotional dollars and the competitive landscape.


Projections call for the Company to generate revenues of $244,000 in its first twelve months. Tan Man will achieve strong growth over the next several years, reaching $355,000 in revenues and more than $99,000 of net income by the fifth year.


The Opportunity

History of Indoor Tanning


Since the start of the millennium tanning salons have seen a steady rise in revenue growth primarily due to changing technology advancements. America’s indoor tanning industry began almost 30 years ago; in 2008 the evolution of this market is securely underway.


Today’s indoor tanning industry is viable and aimed toward sensible, responsible tanning. The retail sector of the industry is estimated at more than $5 billion. According to the 2008-09 Fact Book: an Evolving Industry, there are more than 20,000 indoor tanning facilities within the United States, with another 20,000 businesses that offer it as a service. Additional research shows as many as 25,000 to 30,000 free-standing salons.

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