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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                 


The Business Concept


ABC Screen Printing, LLC (ABC Screen Printing or the Company) specializes in providing quality personalized screen printing, embroidery, sporting goods & promotional items. The Company, located in CITY, STATE, services local schools, businesses, government agencies and not-for-profits in STATE.


The Company sells decorated apparel to various customers needing specialized apparel or merchandise. ABC Screen Printing services local schools, businesses, government agencies and not-for-profits.


Using a custom order form, the customer can choose a product, style, color, design, etc. from a long list of supplier books. Currently, the Company offers products from over 100 different suppliers. The Company will also sell pre-made custom graphics on any apparel.


ABC Screen Printing provides free local delivery. The Company offers one of kind personalized apparel not found in stores and it is currently the only shop of its kind in Benton County, STATE. As a local business, ABC Screen Printing strives for complete customer satisfaction. Its level of service isn’t offered anywhere else in the area.


Unique Designs

A typical customer of the Company would be local sports teams. Many of these sports teams want something that sets them apart from other teams. They want a design that says ‘this is who we are’. These types of customers prefer ABC Screen Printing’s business because the Company can offer them one-on-one service and design a logo to fit their needs. In addition The Company can fulfill their order in under a week in most cases.


Unique designs can be placed on anything from a t-shirt to a teacup.


Excellent Market Opportunity

ABC Screen Printing will take advantage of several factors to drive its growth. The market needs someone like ABC Screen Printing for high quality and lower prices for all businesses and individuals.


The majority of local small businesses need a low cost way of advertising by wearing clothing with their business name on it. Likewise, local sports teams are seeking custom apparel to distinguish themselves. Other entities such as government organizations and local churches also seek out unique “logo” ware and apparel.


 The Company is able to fulfill the needs of the area market due to its competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

ABC Screen Printing is designed to stay ahead of the ever-changing market and to do this the Company will bolster its on-line presence. ABC Screen Printing is a member of the Better Business Bureau of STATE with a current ‘A' rating.


Profitable Growth

ABC Screen Printing expects to gain a profitable market share within a very short period of time. Determinations have been made for the size of the market, amounts of budgeted advertising and promotional dollars, the number and kinds of distribution channels and the competitive landscape.


Projections call for the Company to generate revenues of $50,000 in its next twelve months. ABC Screen Printing will achieve strong growth over the next several years, reaching $198,000 in revenues and more than $76,000 of net income by the fifth year.


The Opportunity

Overview of the Sportswear Industry


Before looking specifically at the decorated apparel industry (screen printing and embroidery), we should first take a look at the current and projected sportswear market, the basis for most existing businesses in this sector. In today’s recession, are people still purchasing sportswear at the same rate and will they still continue to make purchases over the next five to six years?


The ways in which the current recession will impact consumers' interest in playing sports, working out or getting regular exercise — and buying the gear to participate — forms the cornerstone of a 2009 report from on the active sportswear and athletic footwear market. The report looks at how the current recession will affect consumers’ desire to play sports, work out, or get regular exercise. This would also trickle down to whether or not people will still support their local, regional and national sports teams by purchasing logo wear, including screen printed and embroidered items.

The report, “Global Market Review of Active Sportswear and Athletic Footwear — Forecasts to 2016 (2009 edition),” looks at whether consumers of sports apparel and athletic footwear are still active participants in performance considering the growing uncertainty regarding today’s economy.1 The report also asks whether consumers take part in “soft” sports, or whether they simply prefer to watch their favorite sports on television.

In the historic growth phase from 2003-2007, the combined market (sportswear and athletic footwear) grew from $132.50 billion to $144.91 billion, an increase of 9.4%. According to the report, the athletic footwear market expanded almost twice as much as the active sportswear sector in terms of dollar value.

In the current “recession” phase, the combined market was expected to fall from $144.91 billion in 2007 to $142.13 billion in 2009. However, in the “recovery” phase, from 2009-2012, the combined market for active sportswear and athletic footwear is forecast to move from $142.13 billion to $153.52 billion. Growth will accelerate each year, rising to 3.6% in 2012. In particular, the market for active sportswear will grow from $53.87 billion to $57.78 billion.

From 2012-2016, the combined market is expected to grow from $153.52 billion to $163.55 billion in the period after the London Olympics. As for the future of active sportswear and athletic footwear after the recovery from the current recession, the report indicates that the sports clothing and footwear industries are excellent businesses to be in.


The Decorated Apparel Market


According to various industry reports, the decorated apparel is anywhere between $8 billion and $40 billion industry, and is predicted to grow "at a brisk pace" over the next decade.2 


Jennifer Cox, president of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals, in Kent, Ohio, says that it was a $4 billion industry in the early 1990s and is expected to double in size about every ten years. 


The decorated apparel industry includes screen-printers and embroiderers. Cox explains. "But we have no industry statistics on the percentage of the market that's due solely to embroiderers," she says. "If I had to guess, I would estimate that embroidery is about one-third of that $8 billion market.” That means that about $5.3 billion is attributed to screen printing.

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