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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                         


The Business Concept


ABC Pet Resort, Inc. (ABC or the Company) provides luxury hotel accommodations, doggie daycare, training and spa services for dogs and cats. The Company’s first location opened in xxxx and has been very profitable. In xxxx, this facility was voted “City’s Best Pet Getaway” by ABC Magazine. The Company is now looking to expand its successful operations and build a second ABC facility along ANY ROAD in City, State


The Company allows its clients to have guilt free trips and vacations by providing the most caring and accommodations for their beloved pets. The overnight, hotel accommodations include individual heated and air conditioned suites complete with beds, lamb skin rugs, flat screen, cable TV, and web-cams which allow owners to “look in” on their pets while they’re away.


The daily room rate includes three individual walks in a fully enclosed exercise yard, daily maid service, and two meals per day. ABC also offers an array of additional amenities owners can choose from:


Ø               Group play time where dogs get to run, romp and interact with other dogs their size and activity level throughout the day

Ø               Individual fitness sessions to provide extra exercise and relieve stress

Ø               Rent-a-Grandma service which is a one-on-one cuddle session with a Company associate

Ø               Tuck-in service which comes complete with a bedtime story and a belly rub

Ø               Movie Night featuring the latest dog friendly movie

Ø               Gourmet bakery cookies

Ø               Frozen ice cream treats

Ø               Grooming services and spa

Ø               Daily doggie day care services

Ø               On-site dog training



Excellent Market Opportunity

ABC will take advantage of continued growth in the pet service and products market to drive its growth. The pet care industry continues to experience a boom in both the number of households owning pets and also the way people view the family pets. Figures released in the American Pet Products Manufactures Association 2006 National Pet Owners Survey shows pet ownership is currently at its highest level, with 63% percent of all households owning a pet, which equates to more than 69 million households. That’s up from 64 million in 2002 and 51 million in 1988 when APPMA’s tracking began.


Americans love their pets and when presented with an option to give their furry friends all the comforts that they’ve become accustom to people jump at the chance.  In fact, 41% of cat owners and 38% of dog owners would like luxury suites with raised beds, rugs and television for their pets. That’s the finding of “Kennels of the Future” survey conducted by Best Friends Resort in October 2001 and March 2002. The study goes on to say that even those pet owners not looking for luxury accommodations said they would pay extra for special amenities:

Ø               50% would like a video monitoring service that would allow them to “look-in” on their pets via the internet while their away

Ø               37% would like a radio or television in their pets room or suite

Ø               42% would like special bedding.


Surveys have also revealed that three-quarters of dog owners consider their dog like a child or family member and when they take their pets to a boarding kennel, then want the best care money can buy.  The major concern for pet owners selecting a boarding kennels is that luxury accommodations are very rare and haven’t existed in the City Area.


Thousands of pet owners work all day and this requires leaving their dogs at home while they work. Often these owners come home to a stressed out dog, and rampant destruction of the house or the yard and neighbors who


complain of barking and howling due to separation anxiety.


ABC Pet Resort is just what pet owner’s and their pampered pets are seeking. Pet owners hate leaving their pets in a standard kennel because they’re worried that while they’re having fun on vacation their dog or cat is scared and lonely in a smelly facility that looks like a pet prison.  The Company offers luxury accommodations for pets that include private suites, cable TV, webcams and lots of exercise and human contact as well as the luxury of guilt free travel for the owners that love them.


Poised for Continued Success

ABC is the premier luxury pet resort in the City Area. It is not a vacation in a cage, but rather a playful luxury retreat for pets! The Company has a proven track record in its first location. ABC knows (and has the financial data to prove it) that this is a service that owners and pets want.



Luxury, activity based lodging didn’t exist in the City Area until the opening of the first ABC Pet Resort in XYZ County. The proposed location, AAA County, has higher household incomes than XYZ County and its population desires the high-end services the Company offers.


Profitable Growth

ABC expects to gain a profitable market share within a very short period of time. Determinations have been made for the size of the market, amounts of budgeted advertising and promotional dollars, the number and kinds of distribution channels and the competitive landscape.


Projections call for the Company to generate revenues of $2.5 million in its first twelve months. ABC will achieve strong growth over the next several years, reaching $4.7 million in revenues and more than $1.5 million of net income by the fifth year.


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