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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                 


The Business Concept

Xtreme Fitness, LLC (Xtreme Fitness or the Company) is a startup business that specializes in women’s fitness and wellness. The Company will be a franchisee of the proven Xtreme Fitness corporate business. The Company will provide dancing and exotic chair classes designed to keep women in shape. The corporate Xtreme Fitness has developed a proven method that combines pilates, yoga and exotic dance to produce the lean and toned look that women want. The Company will be located in ABC or XYZ County, XY.


Xtreme Fitness will provide a program for every woman, every shape and every age. Women can rediscover and appreciate their bodies in a contemporary way. Exercises are incorporated with exotic dance movements to bring clients back to their feminine roots and natural movements. Each client will get a full body workout. Workouts are designed to whisk away stress and leave clients with a sexy and empowered feeling afterwards.


There are two types of classes. Each class uses isometric exercises to sculpt and strengthen every major muscle group in the body. The Company also uses a series of stretching techniques which enhance flexibility and produce long, lean, feminine muscles. Although these classes are not based on aerobic activity, each client will definitely attain cardiovascular results. New moves are incorporated each week. Clients can start classes at anytime and not feel left out or behind.


Excellent Location

The Company’s location will be in either XYZ or ABC Counties. Both are growing and bustling areas. They are among the wealthiest counties in the country. XYZ County has emerged as a jobs powerhouse that far outpaces many other counties. It has lessened its reliance on federal employment and continues strong growth.  XYZ County's success can be partially explained by access to Dulles International Airport, good public schools and other services and a vigorous effort to recruit companies through a business-friendly climate. Similarly, ABC County has experienced tremendous growth and was the nation's fastest-growing county in the past five years


Market Factors

Xtreme Fitness will take advantage of several factors to drive its growth. The trend in fitness today is to satisfy people living in a fast paced world.  Women, especially, have little time for themselves outside of careers and family.  Also, the larger gyms are not as desirable to women as they are men due to the fact that women are much more self-conscious. Women's gyms are becoming increasingly popular for this reason and because they offer quick and productive workouts enabling clients to minimize time away from work and family.


The Company’s program is for every woman, every shape and every age. Xtreme Fitness can help women rediscover and appreciate their body in a contemporary way. Private lessons will be available so no one feels left behind or for those who are looking to get more advanced faster.  One-on-one counseling will also be available to promote wellness and nutrition by reviewing meal plans and a food diary to help clients eat healthier and feel better. Women will realize that all shapes and sizes can grow through the different levels of exercise and they hopefully one day will help other women reach the same goals.


Profitable Growth

Xtreme Fitness expects to gain a profitable market share within a very short period of time. Determinations have been made for the size of the market, amounts of budgeted advertising and promotional dollars and the competitive landscape.


Projections call for the Company to generate revenues of $235,000 in its first twelve months. Xtreme Fitness will achieve strong growth over the next several years, reaching $630,000 in revenues and more than $95,000 of net income by the fifth year.


The Opportunity


The need for female gyms and work-out facilities has been growing rapidly over the last several years in the U.S. Consequently many women are consulting exercise professionals to help them maintain maximum physical shape.


Physical Fitness and Activity


Over 50% of American adults don't get enough physical exercise; 24% are not active at all in their leisure time (see chart on the next page). And, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), a startling 30% or 60+ million people, 20 years and older, are obese. The health and fitness industry reported that in 2006 over 20% of all health/fitness members were over 55 years of age; 10% were 18 and younger. Today there are roughly 29,400 ‘multi-purpose’ health/fitness clubs in the United States, including express gyms and franchise clubs.


In 1995 the “express gym” industry was introduced, by 2006 there were nearly 10,000 of these types of clubs (non-officially); by the year 2010 their doubled growth rate is predicted to eclipse the number of multi-purpose health clubs. New programming, equipment, design, and concept ideas are being introduced to offset the dangers of plateau and boredom by exercisers in this more than mature industry. 4, 7


There are numerous benefits to exercising regularly, including:


§         Allows a person to stay trim

§         Assists in losing fat and preserving muscle

§         Improves sleep

§         Improves bone density

§         Reduce your risk of falls and fractures

§         Lowers risk of:

o       heart disease

o       diabetes

o       high blood pressure

o       gallstones

o       colon cancer

§         Raises self esteem

§         Improves mood

§         Encourages relaxation

§         Decreases migraine headaches

§         Reduces discomfort from arthritis

§         Reverses the natural muscle loss that occurs with aging

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