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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                 

The Business Concept

My Company Name (Your Choice Financial or the Company) specializes in marketing financial products and services to clients in the counties of XYZ, XYZ and ABC, State. It provides financial products that are currently not offered to the general consumer. The Company is located in City, XY.


Your Choice Financial is currently in the processing re-launching into to a full service financial firm. The founder of Your Choice Financial is Mr. John Doe. Mr. Aviles has an extensive background in real estate and mortgage with a degree in economics and communications. He also has his Juris Doctorate along with teaching credentials. 


The goal of Your Choice Financial is to become a full-service financial needs company by increasing the number of services it offers. The Company wants to expand its crusade "Rescuing America one family at a time" throughout cities across America. Through long-term commitment to this mission, Your Choice Financial will establish itself as the local service oriented organization to which the public will turn to for all their financial needs.


Excellent Financial Background


Your Choice Financial originated from a very strong financial planning mentality. The founder has a very strong financial services background. It is his belief that financial planning should always start with organizing today’s financials to fix yesterdays mistakes, prepare for the unexpected and save for a better tomorrow.


Through property financial analysis and planning, Your Choice Financial helps its clients realize their personal financial dreams and goals. The Company creates a full financial analysis for each client in order to evaluate their current financial status. Based on the outcome of the analysis, a report is presented to the client for review and recommendations are made accordingly.


Your Choice Financial is the corporate holding company for the following entities: ABC’s Home Loan & Realty, Inc., XYZ Commercial & Lending Services and ABC Insurance Services.  The affiliated companies are engaged in providing various services in the areas of real estate, mortgage, debt consolidation, bankruptcy services, and insurance and others to its clients. The Company maintains a well-organized infrastructure and networking between its affiliates. 



Huge Potential Market


Your Choice Financial will take advantage of the large population growth of Hispanics, Asians and Blacks to drive its growth. Projections indicate that Hispanics and Asians will account for most of the US's population growth in coming years.


The Hispanic population is growing 20% faster than the non-Hispanic population. Hispanic owned businesses are multiplying three times faster than all U.S. firms. Currently there are 36 million Hispanics in the US representing 14% of the total population with the purchasing power of more than $356 billion. By 2010, this number is expected to increase to 42 million people with purchasing power of $956 billion.


Census officials estimate that by 2010 more than half of Somewhere's population will be Hispanic, Asian, or Black. More than two-thirds of school-age children will be Hispanic, Asian, or Black. Currently the Hispanic population in Los Angeles and surrounding areas is about 6 million. The Company has targeted this large and fast growing segment as its focus. Among these, the middle income groups accounts for almost 70% of the total clients. The Company carefully selects the location and the layout of its office in order to facilitate the comfort and reach of its primary target segment of the middle income group of the Hispanic population. The company also focuses in other minority communities.


The Company plans to expand its business to other major cities of the US. Presently the expansion plans are directed towards the large metropolitan cities only since the primary target segment of the Company is concentrated in big cities. Furthermore, the high population density in these cities allows the Company to serve the maximum number of clients through one office, which is strategically located to cater to the Hispanic population of that area and logistically in a great non-Hispanic area.


Strong Projected Growth


The Company expects to gain a profitable market share within a very short period of time. Determinations have been made for the size of the market, amounts of budgeted advertising and promotion dollars, and the number and kinds of distribution channels.


Projections call for the Company to generate revenues of $2.5 million in the next twelve months. Your Choice Financial will achieve strong growth over the next several years, reaching $6.4 million in revenues and more than $2.6 million of net income by the fifth year.



The Opportunity


U. S. Hispanic/Latino Demographics


Pew Hispanic 2006 Fact Sheet estimates and projections state that “The U.S. population reached 200 million in the mid to late 1960s. At that time, the U.S. population was 84% white, 11% black, 4% Hispanic and 1% Asian and Pacific Islander.”


The report also said, “The Hispanic population increased from 8.5 million in 1966-67 to 44.7 million today. Latinos accounted for 36% of the 100 million added to the population in the last four decades, the most of any racial or ethnic group. Immigration from Latin America and relatively high fertility rates among Latinos were major factors in this increase. The white population grew from 167.2

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